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Citrix Netscaler 10.5x.xx Access Gateway Enterprise Store Settings Greyed Out

Since the release of Netscaler firmware 10.52.11 and I’ve been suffering from this problem, when you launch the Citrix Netscaler Wizard and I finally end up with a windows that shows the Enterprise Store Settings but its greyed out and after the Access Gateway configuration page is loaded it disappears as well. I’ve posted about… Read More »


Citrix Receiver: Authentication token are not matching

This happened only when using Citrix Receiver, using the Receiver for Web was fine without any issues, so my current setup has: 2 Delivery Controllers @ 7.5 2 StoreFront Servers @ 2.5 1 Access Gateway @ 10.5 Receiver @ 4.1 I was reconfiguring the environment and I noticed that I didn’t fill out the SNIP… Read More »