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Automating Wireless SSID transition

I was involved once in transition an enterprise around 300+ users using wireless access-points to connect to the corporate network, it was a bit of a challenge but it was a very good experience nevertheless, I’ve used a mix of Active Directory GPO’s  and scripts to accomplish this and here are the steps (I’ve done… Read More »


PC Reuse for VDI with Lockdown Policies

Almost on every VDI implementation you’ll be asked to configure the old desktops to be reused as Thin Clients or Terminals as I like to call them (the word Terminal is just more geeky I guess ;-)). Anyway, reading the hereunder will aid you in getting your Windows 7 PCs ready to be some how… Read More »


The great migration: Install VMware Horizon Mirage Server 4.2

So, now that we’re a day by day closer to the fact that all if you people whom are attached to their XP machines in the enterprise will have to get detached from them and move on to Windows 7 because Microsoft is going to put it into the archives. With that said, VMware has… Read More »