I’m a text file belonging to Abdullah Abdullah (doOdzZZ) who lives in Beirut and works as a Support Engineer for ICC, as a text file I grow on a daily basis and this is my online offspring.

Now play nice with my child and don’t let his technical arrogance bother you.



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4 thoughts on “About NOTES

  1. Todd Pike


    I found your article about getting vm hosts out of a vsa data store. Tired it and not working. Are you available for some side work to try to help. Thanks

  2. satya prakash

    Dear Sir,

    Your master of master , for a longtime i need a solution and here i am confident to get the answer ,this is my request ,for learning purpose i want to setup a home lab with vmware esxi 5.5/6 for oracle EBS(11i/R12) and databases(oracle-11g),for this i require 6 servers up and running simultaneously ,can your please help by name which server or workstation i should buy ,what should be the configurations ? i have very less budget around $250 ,can i achieve it using i5 or i7 or amd fx6300/fs8230 processor .also i require all esxi’s host should fast without slow.
    will this HP Z420 WORKSTATION XEON E5-1620 3.60GHZ 16GB RAM ,will help me ?

    please name few servers ,configuration so that i can build ,let me know if any information you need from me .



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