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vCenter Server High Availability with Microsoft Failover Cluster and DFS (Unsupported)

As on the first week of June sadly vCenter Server Heartbeat end of sale has been announced and customers whom have it already will still get their support till 2018 but for those who need to protect their vCenter Server with such a technology don’t have an official alternative from VMware yet. Its worth mentioning… Read More »


Load Balancing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 AlwaysON Databases with Netscaler

Lately I was involved in a project where they required to load balance their MSSQL databases (reads and writes), the project included utilizing MSSQL 2012 AlwaysON. In this blog I will be concentrating on the configuration required to setup Citrix Netscaler to load balance database connections, on the other hands if you’re not a fan… Read More »