vCenter Server High Availability with Microsoft Failover Cluster and DFS (Unsupported)


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  1. Ibrahim says:

    Thanks Abdullah for the nice post, keep it up.

  2. Justin King says:

    thanks for your time and effort Abdullah, I have shared this with VMware engineering to understand any gotchas you may have with this setup.

  3. Matt Dreyer says:

    Very nice work!

    Have you tested this and what are you seeing as a RTO or failover time? We have observed Inventory Service restart times in the range of 5 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the size of the environment being managed.

    • doOdzZZ says:

      Hello Matt,
      Thank you, in my test environment the VMware VirtualCenter Service takes around 8-12 minutes to shutdown when doing a failover or a failback, other services maxed out to 1-2 minutes.

  4. gans says:

    Have you tried connecting the ESX and fail-over the services from one node to another , During my test ESX got disconnected and have to connect it manually on each fail-over of the services in cluster..

  5. vCenterGuy says:

    this has now been turned into a support configuration, thanks for your work Abdullah. Personally I am not a fan of Microsoft Failover Clustering but it is another supported configuration in place of heartbeats departure.

    FYI you can update the title

  6. Rodrigo says:

    Hi, congrats, great post. I’m was deploy vcenter 6.0.0b and i not find the VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices and the VMware vCenter Inventory Service was renamed to Vmware Inventory service. can u say what are the new name for management webservice? Thanks!

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