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vSphere 5.x Tip To Toe: VSA Appliance root access! Why?

Sometimes you get odd requests from customers but usually they have a valid argument, in this case a customer had an intelligent UPS which performs a soft shutdown of the virtual machines in case of power failure and the batteries reach a minimum percentage of life. So my first attempt to troubleshoot this was to… Read More »


Install HP Smart Update Manager (SUM) on RedHat Enterprise Linux 6

So this is one of the times that you can’t remotely install the latest drivers and firmware updates to a Linux host remotely, the work around is to install the HP SUM server on the Linux host and update it locally. You will need: The RedHat installation DVD (the one which contains the packages). The… Read More »


Configuring VMware AutoDeploy Feature

AutoDeploy is a new feature of VMware vSphere 5.0 and it’s the most efficient way to provision a new server as as ESXi 5.0 box, along this guide I’ll be configuring AutoDeploy and I’ll be using my workstation as the lab also I’ll be using VMware vCenter Serve Appliance as my vCenter server. [What you’ll… Read More »