Citrix Netscaler 10.5x.xx Access Gateway Enterprise Store Settings Greyed Out

Since the release of Netscaler firmware 10.52.11 and I’ve been suffering from this problem, when you launch the Citrix Netscaler Wizard and I finally end up with a windows that shows the Enterprise Store Settings but its greyed out and after the Access Gateway configuration page is loaded it disappears as well.

I’ve posted about it in the Citrix forums and it seems that this is a lingering bug that Citirx is not putting their minds into right now.

So what I used to do to bypass this issue is just use the XenDeskto/XenApp wizard at the bottom of the left menu and get everything configured from there (though I am not a fan of it).

BUT and that’s a big BUT! Last night I was configuring two appliances in cluster mode and to my joy the option to use the wizard seems to be unavailable when you have a clustered (not an HA pair) netscaler appliances.

And after having my eyes popping out, I thought I would tackle this once and for all. So what I did is that I did a lot of research and cross configuration checking between different builds of Netscaler I found the combination of commands that will make the Enterprise Store Settings available.

So here goes:

  1. SSH to your Netscaler appliance
  2. add vpn vserver NAMEOFTHEAGSERVER SSL 443 -icaOnly ON
  3. add vpn sessionAction AC_OS_192.168.1.100_S_ -splitTunnel OFF -transparentInterception OFF -defaultAuthorizationAction ALLOW -SSO ON -icaProxy ON -wihome “https://storefrontfqdn/Citrix/StoreWeb” -ClientChoices OFF -ntDomain YOUADDOMAIN -clientlessVpnMode OFF -storefronturl “https://storefrontfqdn”

And afterwards you can just go to the Access Gateway wizard and edit the AG server and you’ll find that Enterprise Store Settings is being utilized and you can continue to configure it from there.

I hope this helps and if anyone finds a better solution for this please do share it with us in the comments.


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  1. Ryan Golstein says:

    thanks for posting about this. I thought I was just going crazy when I was trying to figure out why I couldn’t select enterprise store. It flashes for a few seconds and then gone,

    I stopped using the wizard, maybe I’ll take another look now. The amount of bugs citrix is able to ignore is incredible.

    • doOdzZZ says:

      Glad I could help, if you notice my post in the forums is almost 1 year old and all the builds that came after 51.10 had the same hair pulling issue, what pissed me off is that the wizard is not there when you have a cluster which made me spend a night to figure out this work around.

      Anyway, again I am happy to see it is helping out.

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