Citrix Netscaler 10.5x.xx Access Gateway Enterprise Store Settings Greyed Out


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  1. Ryan Golstein says:

    thanks for posting about this. I thought I was just going crazy when I was trying to figure out why I couldn’t select enterprise store. It flashes for a few seconds and then gone,

    I stopped using the wizard, maybe I’ll take another look now. The amount of bugs citrix is able to ignore is incredible.

    • doOdzZZ says:

      Glad I could help, if you notice my post in the forums is almost 1 year old and all the builds that came after 51.10 had the same hair pulling issue, what pissed me off is that the wizard is not there when you have a cluster which made me spend a night to figure out this work around.

      Anyway, again I am happy to see it is helping out.

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