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HP 3PAR 10400 OOTB not responding

So, I newly had an HP 3PAR 10400 to initialize (4 controllers and 8 disk cages), as usual planned this with HP 3PAR deployment team and I installed the hardware and powered up the system and all was green and we were moving forward without any complications thankfully =).  First weird thing I noticed is… Read More »


Raw Disk Space Calculation w/ HP 3PAR in mind

Hopefully this information won’t be redundant but sometimes the propagation of sizing a storage solution should go beyond the calculation given by a tool. When calculating the space for CPGs and VVs in 3PAR the measurement the unit used is TiB (Tebibyte) / GiB (Gibibyte) / MiB(Mebibyte) where: Each TiB = 1.099511627776 TB.  Each GiB… Read More »