Going from VMware NSX 6.2.6 and 6.2.7 to 6.3.x


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  1. Arjen says:

    We are also stuck in updating to NSX 6.3 / vSphere 6.5 because of we updated to NSX 6.2.6 earlier. We also find afterwards the interoperability matrix with the information we wish to read earlier… Hopefully VMware will release a upgradepath soon.

  2. Arjen says:

    Yesterday, VMware released NSX 6.3.2 and you/we are able to update NSX from 6.2.6 of 6.2.7 to 6.3.2 :) So we are also able to update to VMware (vCenter/ESXi) 6.5! We will update this weekend/next week to NSX 6.3.2 (from 6.2.6) vCenter/vCA to 6.5.0d (from 5.5U3). vCloud is already on 8.20. SRM will be updates to 6.5.

    • Abdullah says:

      Yup, haven’t tested the upgrade yet (looking forward to doing it this weekend). Good luck with the upgrade yourself and thank you for sharing the information.

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