Why to take part in VMware VMworld 2016 Europe Hackathon?

As many of you know this event is taking place in VMworld 2016 Europe in Barcelona as it took place in VMworld 2016 US in Las Vegas (for more details), one would ask him/herself why the heck do I need to enroll myself into a hackathon? I am not a coder and for all I know it I might look like a complete idiot trying to engage a challenge at the hackathon.

My take is, yes this might happen! But again its about taking yourself out of the comfort zone and to do something that will challenge all the defensive habits your mind can throw at something you’re not _so_good_at, for my part I am not an elite PowerShell user/coder BUT I know the following:

  1. I like PowerShell and willing to delve more into it.
  2. I can definitely make something useful out of it given the proper time and resources.
  3. I definitely appreciate a good challenge.

Now lets apply the above to the hackathon, where I have chosen to go with the team of Dave Hocking and pursue the idea of “Automating Infrastructure Build and Reporting on compliance“:

Building vSphere/NSX deployments to specification (potentially using PowerShell DSC to keep deployment to specification / report on deviation from specification) – scope to include ESXi config, Cluster settings, DVS/Portgroups, NSX ESG and DFW rules/routing config

The up above requires:

  1. Knowledge in PowerShell.
  2. Knowledge in PowerShell DSC (Desired State Configuration).
  3. Knowledge in NSX.
  4. Knowledge in NSX API’s.
  5. Knowledge in vSphere (obviously).

In terms of pure knowledge I can’t cover all of the above in a 100% manner but I can cover bits an pieces and I believe the team that will be joining will have the same approach as well and small bits and pieces will eventually carve the whole project and we will eventually have something that is actually doing what it is supposed to do.

Its a game, you won’t get shot at the end if you don’t make it! Tag along, choose a team its never too late, don’t be shy! Challenge yourself! This is my first ever hackathon and I have never taken part in anything like it but WHY NOT go through it and we’ll see how things go from there.

I hope have triggered that which needs to be triggered to make you go and register ;-), I hope you have clicked the link above! Haven’t you? READ THE BLOG POST AGAIN (^_^).


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Knowledge is limitless.

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