Seminar with VMware, HP and Symantec

Yesterday we hosted an event with our partners VMware, HP and Symantec where I had to prepare a demo on VMware View 5.1 hosted on servers with IO accelerators. It was really great and beneficial. Where I met Stevan Jovanovic from VMware , also I met Klaus Kresnik from Symantec.

In the demo I showed the hereunder:

1- Creating linked clones pools on the IO accelerator drive via VMware View 5.1.

2- I showed the IOPs and the difference between a normal SAS disk and SSD disk via VMware’s Operation Manager vCOPs.

3- I had setup a VMware VSA 5.1 Cluster, where I displayed the power of the replica’s and how fast mounting a replica is in case of failure.

4- Finally I showed the “Follow Me Desktop” feature on HP’s thin clients.

I’ll leave you with some pictures hoping I’d be able to take part at more events in the future and meet more of the professionals I look up to in my life :).


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