Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Technical Deep Dive

Well my friends, this is my first ever audience based demo and it had me going in fear for the week of preparation which I had. More people than what we’ve expected came to watch the this technical deep dive and along I prepared a POC environment to demo everything.

The technical deep dive covered these topics:

  • Support for important business workloads through scale and performance improvements.
  • Increased business flexibility with virtual machine mobility.
  • Continuous services to help meet availability and service-level agreements.
  • Open and extensible platform for performance management and automation.
  • Delivery of shared and multitenant environments with isolation.

Where each section had its own demo and finally a very interesting Q/A, all in all it was a good experience to interact with people at a technical level and hopefully I will be posting about some new events that we’ll be having about various more topics.

Enjoy some of the pictures from the event :).


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