vSphere 5.x Tip To Toe: Multi Hypervisor Management from vCenter

Here we are, in a vast virtual cloud where you might come across an environment that has a mixture of hypervisors, VMware has a solution for managing this mixture via the vCenter Server console. I’m going to show on how to install the plugin, and connect a Hyper-V server to it.

First you can download the packages from here https://my.vmware.com/group/vmware/details?downloadGroup=VCL-VSP510-VC-510A-EN&productId=284&rPId=3109 both the server plugin and client plugin.

So lets start…

On the vCenter Server:

– Install Multi Hypervisor Management Server (the user who will be running the service must have ‘run as a service’ logon right, which is modified from the local security policy).
– Install Multi Hypervisor Management Client.

On the Hyper-V Server:

– From the features menu Add winRM IIS Extensions.
– Go to run -> cmd > type WinRM quickconfig.

In the following screenshots I’ve started with the installation phase ending up with adding the Hyper-V node and validating it, nothing much to say more =), its a good feature make sure you bring it up when talking about the resiliency of a VMware infrastructure.


VMware vCenter – Multi-Hypervisor Manager for Windows

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