VMware NSX and Collapsed Clusters vSphere Upgrades

So, recently I did an upgrade to one of our clients and they had a collapsed cluster.

  1. The vCenter server and the PSCs were already excluded in NSX.
  2. When doing the upgrade of the VCSA it creates a new appliance.
  3. I was doing some re-checks on the system after doing the upgrade.
  4. I noticed that because new appliances were created, they are not included in the exclusion list, this is obvious because it is a new virtual machine after all.
  5. As such I had to re-add them again and luckily at that point in time DFW was not implemented and the customer is still analyzing the data flow.

So, heads up ;-) when upgrading your vCenter Server and its constructs in a collapsed cluster or if you have the management cluster prepared for NSX you will need to re-add the vCenter server appliance to the NSX exclusion list.

PS: I went through the vCenter Server 6.5 upgrade guide and there is no mentioning of this point.

I hope this gets automated with a tick for example when doing the upgrade so that the VM gets added to the exclusion list upon creation if selected.

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