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VMware vCenter 6.5 and SSL Renewal (Secure Entrapment)

Hallaw! Well, around two weeks ago I noticed that my management cluster vCenter server (Windows edition) will have its SSL certificate expiring so I thought rather than renewing it I wanted it to actually expire and see the outcome. The good thing is that everything was working fine even after the expiry and you just… Read More »


vSphere 5.0 Tip To Toe: Install SRM 5.0 and Configure vSphere Replication (The Imageless Reference)

After spending a couple of days with the company of the beloved Site Recovery Manager 5 from VMware I have a come across a fact that I really should honor this product and write something about it as it was very delightful and very exciting to work with. At all levels SRM 5 is quite… Read More »


Configuring VMware AutoDeploy Feature

AutoDeploy is a new feature of VMware vSphere 5.0 and it’s the most efficient way to provision a new server as as ESXi 5.0 box, along this guide I’ll be configuring AutoDeploy and I’ll be using my workstation as the lab also I’ll be using VMware vCenter Serve Appliance as my vCenter server. [What you’ll… Read More »