VMware vCenter 6.5 and SSL Renewal (Secure Entrapment)


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  1. E2 says:

    Came across this exact issue. Did as you suggested and it worked perfectly. Stopped the script and rebooted. Looks like maybe an oversight on the script end. Not sure why it would rollback the entire operation for a failed service to start. However, all the services start fine after reboot. It seems like something happened to my Update Manager when I did this process. A re-installed of Update Manger fixed that issue.

    Thanks again :-)


  2. daniel says:

    this was the last test I was performing in my lab before going to upgrade the dev/prod … enviroments.
    I was about to reinstall all test enviroment before coming across this worked to the word.
    Thats for the post
    How will open case with VMware so I don’t have to perform in prod env this non convential fix!!!

    thats again


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