Publishing Keyboard Layouts for Users on XenApp 6.5 / XenDesktop Application VDA


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  1. Jeff Hayes says:

    Hi there. Is this dependent upon profiles? is it stored these into the profile so that they set it once and it sticks no matter what server they login to?

  2. Konuas says:

    Hello, This works perfectly in my XA6.5 environment – thanks! I have the langbar hidden, but the key function still works and the users can turn on the “floating” bar if desired.

  3. Metasapce says:

    Hello and thanks for the nice article.

    I found that if I publish the regional Settings from more than one server and it get served to a user by server A, and they set a preferred keyboard layout , if they start an application hosted and served from server B the settings do not work, while starting an app from server A (the same that served the Settings) it works ok.

    If i then force the settings to be served from server B, those appear not to be set for the same user and I have to set them again.

    In other words – this solution appears to only work on one sever ant to affect the applications served by that one server.

    • doOdzZZ says:


      If you have roaming profiles enabled and you make sure the regional settings are being saved within the roaming profile directory I believe it would resolve your issue. Other than that I believe AppSense is the key to all the chaos related to profile management :).

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