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Automating Wireless SSID transition

I was involved once in transition an enterprise around 300+ users using wireless access-points to connect to the corporate network, it was a bit of a challenge but it was a very good experience nevertheless, I’ve used a mix of Active Directory GPO’s  and scripts to accomplish this and here are the steps (I’ve done… Read More »


Windows Server 2008 Cluster: Troubleshooting or shooting yourself?

On a very quiet afternoon, I got this case which said “Problem with Cluster staying offline!”. Usually when I receive a ticket I’m optimistic but when it comes to Windows Cluster services I’m a bit agitated yet nevertheless excited to delve it and resolve the issue. Thankfully Windows Server 2008 Clustering is more stable than… Read More »


Publishing Keyboard Layouts for Users on XenApp 6.5 / XenDesktop Application VDA

Lately I had to configure this setup at site that had XenApp 6.5 installed, but the problem was that I had so many different users with different nationalities that I couldn’t resolve it using Active Directory GPO or else I’ll have to create GPO’s based on nationalities and that’s havoc to a system administrator. If… Read More »