SRM with vSphere Replication 6.5 – Configuration Iteration

      1. vSphere Replication:
        1. Deploy vSphere Replication Appliace OVF (applies to source and destination vCenter servers).
        2. Logon to the vSphere Replication appliance (5480) and perform initial configuration (including time) and register the service (applies to source and destination vCenter servers).
        3. Deploy additional vSphere Replication Servers if required, select the AddOn OVF when prompted (applies to source and destination vCenter servers).
        4. Register the additional vSphere Replication Server with its designated vCenter Server.
        5. Connect vSphere Replication Target Sites (done once and reverse configuration is done automatically).
        6. Configure a test virtual maachine for replication.
        7. Verify replication status it should be OK when its done.
      2. Site Recovery Manager:
        1. Provision two VMs for SRM (one in source and one in destination).
        2. Install SRM on the virtual machines (Embedded DB is used here. Also, if SSL is required, request it via IIS for example then export it as PFX).
        3. Via the vSphere Web Client, go to the Site Recovery Manager plugin and pair the sites (reverse pairining works automatically).
        4. Configure site wide mappings (network, folder, resources, storage policies and place holder datastores).
        5. Configure protection groups.
        6. Configure recovery plans (make sure to visit recovery steps to for advanced customization).
        7. Test recovery plan.
        8. Do a planned failover (includes reprotection and failback).
        9. Do a disaster failover (includes the recreation of protection groups and recovery plans).
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