NSX Manager SSH after SSL Replacement

In one of my project’s I changed the NSX’s Manager SSL certificate to a GoDaddy certificate, and everything worked like charm. At that point in time I didn’t SSH and I just logged in to the web interface and then continued with building the NSX infrastructure.

Today I was attempting to SSH to the NSX Manager/s to get some information from the CLI and I couldn’t, so at first I thought that I had the credentials wrong or so but I was still getting an immediate access denied as shows in the hereunder screenshot:

To be frank I didn’t check any logs but it came to my mind that it might be an SSL certificate issue so I tried connecting to the FQDN of the NSX Manager and I was able to connect without any issues at all, so it seems that when the NSX Manager gets is SSL certificate changed it is also bound to the SSH services as well.

Thank you ^_^,

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