Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 DAG : Failed to notify source server about the local truncation point

I was recently tasked with a project that included migrating an Exchange Server 2010 environment to an Exchange Server 2013 one, fast forward everything was migrated to a single server the second server was setup and configured properly as well and it was time to add the copies of the mailbox databases.

The customer had a requirement to have circular logging enabled, but before adding a mailbox database copy circular logging must be disabled.

While attempting to add one of the databases I got the following error:

The seeding operation failed. Error: An error occurred while performing the seed operation. Error: Failed to notify source server ‘ExchangeServer FQDN’ about the local truncation point. Hresult: 0xc8000713. Error: Unable to find the file. [Database: DATABASE, Server: ExchangeServer FQDN]

And the status of the database copy is failed and suspended

I tried adding another database thinking that this might be related to this single database and the results were the same. I did a quick research on the subject and most of the responses were that you should:

  1. Dismount the database.
  2. Run eseutil with the /mh parameters (more info here).

I had a lot of databases and dismounting the databases to run the utility was merely impossible even on a weekend, on the other hand as I was continuing my research I found a thread on Technet which mentions a long side to running the eseutil “moving the logs” to another directory so that they will get recreated and here it hit me!

What if I re-enable circular logging then try to update the database! Because since circular logging was enabled I am already missing on a lot of the transactions that were initially written on the database!

  • I tried first hitting the update option but sadly I got the same error
  • I tried hitting resume option which resulted again in the failed and suspended status then hit the update option again.

I was glad that I did not have to go through the eseutil havoc as it would have bumped the project at least 1 week (going through all databases that is), I hope this helps!


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  1. Edgar says:

    Greats,, I was with this same problem,, I did the same thing and it working.

  2. Eliran says:

    Thank you !

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