OpenStack Training LAB Setup Notes

Recently I felt an urge to delve into OpenStack and I couldn’t find the time it needed from me so I had put it on the shelf for quite sometime, until I got an offer from InnoSoft with a 50% discount and luckily my management approved directly and I prepared myself to go to Dubai to attend the training.

The training was based on Redhat’s Distribution of OpenStack (RDO) on top of CentOS7 and we were using KVM to host all the infrastructure virtual machines, hereunder you’ll find my technical notes and so that to blabber a lot I had created a sequence of references for repetitive tasks, I know that the content might be a bit redundant but I promised my training-mates that I will be sharing with them my notes =).

I have embedded the refined word file of the notes so if you want to download it just expand the Google viewer and you’ll be able to print/download from there.

Hopefully this was helpful and I appreciate any input on this to make it better.

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  1. @vmnutt says:

    Abdullah, loved the notes. Thank you and may your blog keep growing. Thanks again. Feel like whtever direction or tech m thinking abt, u r ready leaving me behind. Loved ur lab as well. Keep sharing the knowledge.

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