vSphere 6u2 – Lab Upgrade


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  1. ssdram says:


    This is a known issue affecting HP Proliant G9 servers that have been deployed with an HP ESXi 6.0 custom image.

    Currently, there is no resolution.

    To work around this issue, you must back out the patches by reverting to the previous state of the host, then reapply the patches in such a way as to update all but the scsi-hpsa driver. For more information about reverting to a previous state of an ESXi host, see Reverting to a previous version of ESXi (1033604).

    After successfully reverting to the previous state of the ESXi host, re-apply the patches:

    To re-apply ESXi600-201504001 and ESXi600-201505001:
    Log in to the ESXi host through SSH as the root user
    Run this command on each of patches ESXi600-201504001 and ESXi600-201505001:

    esxcli software vib update -n esx-base -d /path/ESXi600-20150xxxx.zip

    where xxxx equals 4001 and 5001, successively.
    To re-apply ESXi600-201507001:
    Log in to the ESXi host through SSH as the root user.
    Run this command:

    esxcli software vib update -n esx-base -d /path/ESXi600-201507001.zip
    esxcli software vib update -n tools-light -d /path/ESXi600-201507001.zip

    These are driver related vibs. Apply these vibs according to your system environment.

    esxcli software vib update -n misc-drivers -d /path/ESXi600-201507001.zip
    esxcli software vib update -n scsi-bnx2i -d /path/ESXi600-201507001.zip
    esxcli software vib update -n sata-ahci -d /path/ESXi600-201507001.zip
    esxcli software vib update -n lsu-lsi-lsi-mr3-plugin -d /path/ESXi600-201507001.zip
    esxcli software vib update -n lsu-lsi-megaraid-sas-plugin -d /path/ESXi600-201507001.zip

    • doOdzZZ says:

      Thank you for the information, I believe just using the VMware ISO would be okay and afterwards one would use the latest HP SPP to do the necessary firmware and driver upgrades.

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