HP FlexFabric LACP with CISCO Nexus VPC

So I’ve been wanting to get my hands on such a configuration for sometime now and finally and unintentionally I found myself with the required resources within my grasp, actually it was the client’s grasp but it was mine to test with.

Long story short when not dealing with CISCO Nexus switches when dealing the FlexFabric Shared Uplink Sets (SUS) in order to obtain and Active/Active result you would need to connect each Virtual Connect module to the same switch otherwise if you mesh things around you will end up with an Active/Standby configuration even if you’re doing an LACP on a core switch with multiple modules, VC still sees them as two different switches.

When dealing with CISCO Nexus Virtual Port Channels I first doubted it would work but when HP released their paper I just had to test it myself and as I said earlier I got my chance finally.

I didn’t actually do the VPC configuration myself but rather I was pushing for it, so the idea of the VPC is to fool the other connecting end to think that the port-channel is made on the same switch but in reality the port channel is done on two separate modules ;-) and virtual connect actually believes it too :-D.

So now we have the ability of meshing things around and thus increasing the level of high availability which means that if we lose a Nexus module it doesn’t meant that we also have to lose the whole SUS.

Hopefully this information would be good to someone and thank you for reading,|

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  1. Julian Wood says:

    Have a look at the designs from
    especially the 40Gb vPC Option

    They are old but the idea should still be thue same,

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