Symantec Netbackup with a Netscaler load-balanced Exchange Server 2010 CAS Array

We had a Netbackup implementation recently and the environment had an Exchange Server 2010 environment with a CAS Array load balanced via a Netscaler appliance (of course I did that installation as well :-P).

The way that Netbackup works in terms of restore is that it communicates with the mailbox servers via the client access servers and it doesn’t do it directly, and since we’re load balanced then we needed to add the required Netbackup client ports to the virtual load balancing server.

I got the required ports from here Some are TCP and some are UDP also I did alot of netstat to confirm the ports. I’ve attached hereunder a screenshot of the final result on the Netscaler appliance.


I hope this helps :).


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  1. Joel says:

    Was your netscaler inline or one arm?

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