VMware VSA Export VMs from broken appliances


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  1. Dennis says:


    you saved my butt!

    Thank you!


  2. Phuoc says:

    Thanks for help ,i hope to make a friend with you.

  3. DaGuru says:

    This is excellent, so much digging without any simple answer except yours. If you could fix the few type-o’s it would help others that are following the instructions to the letter (as i was). I don’t want this to come as a complaint as i am super thrilled by the solution you provided. As I don’t use Linux often and it took two rounds through the instructions to get it correct. Things like the — instead of – in mdadm -–examine -–export, also mdadm –-assemble –-run –-force /dev/md0 with the next line being mdadm –-assemble –-run –-force /dev/md1, not 0
    Thank You

    • doOdzZZ says:

      Glad I could be of help, didn’t notice those dashes were corrupted. Most probably its the WP text editor playing smart, I will fix them this evening.

      Thank you :-).

  4. Jan says:


    guys thnx for the info but im stuck with the mdadm –assembl –run –force /dev/md0 /dev/SVAVolGroup00/…… command.

    mdadm: Cannot open device /dev/SVAVolGroup00/V…………: Device or resource busy
    mdadm: /dev/SVAVolgroup00/V……. has no superblock – assembly aborted

    Cant some help with this error

  5. SF says:

    Don’t forget to stop VSA Cluster Service before. ;-)

    • doOdzZZ says:

      It doesn’t matter actually because at that point the VSA won’t respond to any of the cluster service commands, and you will always need to have one of the VSA appliances shutdown.

  6. Aaron says:

    When I run the mdadm – -assemble – -run – -force /dev/md0 /dev/SVAVolGroup00/V0000000D0000001 commands I get the device or resource busy result. Is there a work around?

    • doOdzZZ says:


      The second VSA must be shutdown, also this might be the result of the other half of the datastore being mounted. Can you confirm either VSA-0 or VSA-1 datastores being mounted and accessible?

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