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No words can describe how much I was/still thrilled to be part of VMware’s community, last night I was sitting in front of the screen biting nails and popping eyes as Eric Siebert, John Troyer, David Davis and Rick Vanover rounder up (horizontally) to give out the results for the top virtualization blogs of the year 2014.

The top 25 people were pretty much as I expected, top notch people whom I truly look up to and truly get inspired by, to all of them I give a big salute and all the respect for their relentless effort to enrich, share and help the community with their findings.

Now on to me, I and myself! I am happy with there I’ve landed (happy doesn’t mean satisfied ;-) I always see myself as not doing well) and here is the break down:

  1. Landed on position 257 out of 320 in comparison with 2013 where I landed 237 out of 243.
  2. Landed on position 14 Favorite Storage Blog in comparison with none in 2013.
  3. Landed on position 28 Favorite Independent Blogger in comparison with none in 2013.

Aside from the results, its glad to know that I have supporters out there in the community whom actually read my blog and do care to vote, the biggest thanks, hugs and even kisses go to them as I do feel very much honored that people do waste their time on reading my blabber.

Finally, thank you Eric for the enormous effort and thank you John for working behind the scenes (You and Corey are the true engine of the community), also big thanks to David and Eric.


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  1. Hassan Kak says:

    Good Luck ;)

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