VMware Horizon View 5.x: Load Balancing Connection Servers

The topic itself is intriguing and is open to more than a couple of hours discussion, but on the other hand we can briefly and smoothly delve into the options and we’ll end up with whats the best when seeking a network load-balancer for the Horizon View Connection Servers.

So what to load balance?

The TCP requests on 443 that comes to the View Connection Servers.

How to load balance?

Since this era is all about SDDC (Software Defined Data Center) then the solution must come out from what VMware has offered, with the Network and Security appliance (vShield) we can deploy edge virtual appliances that would leverage use the feature for load balancing.

In the following video you will see how to add an edge appliance and configure it for load balancing.

Note: When you’re going for a large scale VDI solution, vShield Endpoint is a must so that you’d be able to deploy 3rd party antivirus agentless solutions, so consider using it fully prior to purchasing any appliance/software.


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